"My Pop Artwork is colorfully modern."

— JHA —


Kissing Koi// Koi Marathon// King Koi// Koi Pond
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Panda and Pals

Space Pandas// Quarantine Bunnies// Gangsta Hippos// Cowboy Tigers// Etc.
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Concentric Circles// Diamond Optics// NeoTokyo// Stripes
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Pop Sockets// Totes// Flip Flops// Posters// JHA Plushie// Etc.
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Maneki Neko available Fall 2021.

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Introducing the O’Baka Babies collection. Lucky Panda, Pinky Bunny, Black Sheep, Tola Tiger, Pig and Magic Monkey. Follow these trouble makers along their journey around the world. These Limited Edition Plushies will sell out quickly.

“I attempt to capture a positive energy through a spectrum of colors.” -JHA-

About JHA

JHA is more creative and productive than ever. Some new artwork includes favorites like Traditional Koi, Space Pandas, Textural Abstracts, Quarantine Bunny with 24K TP, Zebra Print Mask, Blue Ice, Boom Boxes and Guitars. The images are created by multi-layers of mixed media techniques. The geometric color patterns imply space and movement. 

Utilizing his 01′ BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), JHA creates Pop Art pieces that are whimsical and exhibit awesomeness. 

JHA’s Artwork is colorfully modern and attempts to capture a positive energy through a spectrum of colors. 

Corporate / Film / Celebrity Clients

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